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customized certification tests
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What is PSCertify®

PSCertify® is your completely customizable online testing and certification application.
With PSCertify® you can easily create tests, assign them to users and administer their results.
PSCertify® is an online application so there is nothing to install. Creating and administering tests is all done through your web browser.

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How you can use PSCertify®

Use PSCertify® to

  • Test and retest
  • Report performance
  • Create a permanent record of performance
  • Test and track knowledge of your operational procedures
  • Certify that training is effective

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How online testing works

Watch this short video showing
how PSCertify® works

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Creating tests

With PSCertify® it's easy to create tests and set their options. Give your tests names and descriptions, create questions and answers, set the passing score, scramble question order, show or hide correct answers on test results and set the number of times a user can take a test.

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PSCertify® reports provide a clean, easy to read, real-time summary of your users, groups, tests, test aggregate scores (by group) and individual scores (by user).

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